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The I Wants

Story of an amature fashion designer
June 10, 2011


My Grandpa passed away this passed Saturday at the amazing age of 90. I'm headed out tomorrow for his service in Oregon, my mother has been there since last week and is more then excited to see us all. Sadly my hubby nor my lil' Kev will be joining us but it's going to be such a quick trip and lots of car riding that Kev would hate me aferwards... Were packing up a uhaul for all of his stuff and my parents, my brother and I are going to to do a old fashion car trip back home. Stopping at I'm guessing every winery we spot. Should be fun and a good reminder of where we all were 15 years ago. My brother kicking me in the back seat, fighting over where the "do not cross line' was located on the seat, telling him "you've had the walkman for 15 minutes...it's my turne!", myself puking up a storm thanks to my awesome carsickness and opening the windows every half hour because somebody (my brother!) cut the cheese. This will most likely be the last time the 4 of us will do something like this. I'm excited to see how it all plays out. I'll of course share all of our adventures with you when I get back!!

Wish us luck!


June 08, 2011



I love me some Forever 21. It feels like the daughter of H&M but the little bit classier older sister of Wet Seal. BUT, they have some AWFUL stuff. This blog highlights all the terriably awesome things F21 offers.



June 07, 2011


On May 6th I showed off the wonderful pictures from our Ranch Photo shoot. It was so much fun! We set up prints at a local make up boutique called "Smooch." Alicia and I got to finally show off what we had been working so hard on. We had a great crowd come in. Not only did we have the usual of friends & family we had owners of boutiques stop by, professors from the university (who gave me tons of compliments!) and future Meghan Janea customers! Once the show was over I think both Alicia and I breathed a little easier. It had been a long couple months for both of us, Alicia was finishing college and deciding on what she wanted to do. That was on top of working with me on the photo shoot! I was traveling and trying to get this business off the ground (but when am I not). My day job at the time was looking like it wasn't going to be available much longer (my boss' all were thinking of retiring at the same time....thankfully that has now changed). So when 9PM came around we loaded everything in our cars and headed for the most needed beer I have had in a long time. It was so relaxing to just sit and go over what we had just accomplished, and neither of us really organizing something of that size before. The different number of shots, the amount of models, the array of clothing options, editing thousands (I think thousands....if not it seemed like there was) of pictures, setting up the prints and learning every step of the way. Accomplishment, ahhhh.

Alicia and I both wearing Meghan Janea at the showing

June 07, 2011


In the midst of promoting my gallery showing of my Summer Line and the day after the ranch photo shoot I decided to try out for Project Runway.

I never thought I wanted to do it. I always thought it was sort of the easy way into the fashion industry, but then I thought to myself "who care if it's easy, its a way in!" So with four days till the deadline I downloaded the 25 page written application and started on all my requirements. I needed to do a 2 minute video of myself explaining why I think I should be in P.R., a virtual portfolio and portraits of myself. I had all that except the video and the self portrait (I've explained before that I don't like to pose in front of the camera...usually in candid shots I'm making a weird face). Thanks to my computer wizard friends I got all this finished just in time.

Within 20 minutes of the producers having my application I received a call inviting me to their Seattle casting call in 3 days!! 2 days later my husband and I were driving to Seattle in hopes of getting a chance to show the world a young, self taught, Montana native mom can be an amazing designer. Well, maybe next year the world can see that. I didn't make it to the finals and I'm not allowed to talk about the process of the casting call (all I'll say is it was an experience I will NEVER forget). The upside to not making it is that my hubby and I got to spend a much deserved weekend in Seattle with friends. From the Zoo, to the Pier and to the beach we had a blast. Here's some snapshots of our long weekend in the Northwest.

My co-pilot on the way to Seattle.....

Much deserved table full of crab (and a huge ass beer...or two)

Hitchin' a ride to the beach

Hippie state of mind


A little piece of home

June 07, 2011


p>After finishing all of my samples (over 30!) it was time to throw these clothes on models and head to the farm. I had such a blast during our farm shoot! It was my first full scale photo shoot of ready to wear clothes and it was amazing. The day started for me at 6am (booooo), I had to prep all the clothes including my most hated job of ironing/steaming, cut all threads off, garment bag each outfit and organize my picture and accessory boards. The girls started showing up 9 and we got started on hair, make up and a couple mimosas. It always seems to take far to long to finish hair and make up. Even with every girl getting fixed up simultaneously it still took longer then an hour over what I was prepared for. But they did look beautiful, all worth it.

After we arrived on location at the Getty Ranch the already awful weather turned even worse. Our first shot was in the barn (I don't have those photos but hope to get them to you all soon), while we were taking shots it started hailing and blowing wind like I haven't heard before. I felt like I was in Twister (one of my all time favorite movies), all I wanted to do was grab a leather belt and tie it to a pipe (movie reference). Thankfully, once we were done inside the barn the weather turned a little bit nicer. Still freezing, but at least it looked nice. Out next shot was with one of the horses. Alicia (the photographer) climbed up on a ladder to get the right angel she snapped this silly picture of me...


(btw see how bundled up I am in this picutre...now notice in the photo gallery how NOT bundled up the models are.)

After some pretty hysterical horse bloopers (including one horse smiling like a maniac, my assistant and I being charged by two horses while carrying hay bales and again my assistant being practically eaten by another) we were finished for the day. It was cold, rainy and incredibly windy. But the models prevailed and you can't tell how cold and miserable they are. I got some pretty fantastic pictures and couldn't be happier with the result. Much thanks to the amazing photographer Alicia Watkinson, all my beautiful models, the Getty Ranch and everyone who put hard work into this.

June 07, 2011


Soooo, I haven't been on here in months. Not becasue I haven't wanted to but because life has been soooo busy that I haven't had a chance to to spend some quality time here. Let me catch you up on my last few months of life;

I) I designed and sewed a Summer line

II) Had a few photoshoots with my samples

III) At the very last minute tried out for Project Runway

IV) Had a showing of all my clothes and pictues at a local makeup boutique

V) Made it to the semi finals for Project Runway and was invited to meet with judges in Seattle

VI) Traveled to Seattle, didn't make it any further but had a blast the rest of my weekend!


January 10, 2011


I am incredibly lucky to have a number of friends with degrees in photography, have an awesome camera or just can seem to shoot fantastic shots with a disposable camera (like my brother...who just got hired at national geographic. had to brag)  My friend Alicia is currently taking classes in photography (which I don't think she needs too, I mean check her out here) and one is fashion photography.  So she grabbed a few of my clothes and went and had a photo shoot on Sunday in Downtown Missoula.  The woman in the pea coat is not in my clothing but the other two girls are and worrrked it.  Enjoy!



She deserves an A+  (which I don't think they give in college..but I'll give it to her)



January 10, 2011


November 12, 2010


I love me some scarves and currently I'm obsessed with infinity scarves, most importantly big chunky ones.  I have received rave reviews from so many people!  I've decided that they will be my x-mas presents for my beautiful friends.  I have to figure out what kind each friend will enjoy since I'm sure not all of them will like a scarf that covers half their upper body and half their face  like I do.  I've finished a few already so here's a look see :)

Like I said I love chunky scarves!  And when wrapped around twice they are sooooo cozy and look very fashionable.

November 10, 2010


I should learn how to knit this....my husband and brother-in-law would be oh so happy.  It would match very well with their hunter's orange jackets.

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